Marty and Lou

POSTED ON 27 April 2016

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Dear Steve

We have lived in the house you designed for us for a little while now and I feel I must express our pure pleasure with the design process and the final result.

You took the time to examine what we liked about the display homes around us and how we lived our life and our needs and interests. Then you designed the perfect solution.

Our house feels like us! It is wonderful how you grouped the guest bedroom and the main bathroom to form an enclave with a defacto ensuite. Each room is open and airy and the high ceiling in the hallway draws people through to the living area. The store cupboard is a gem, it’s great to be able to step into a room and see everything laid out instead of squished into a hall cupboard.  The living areas with sliding doors out to the courtyard give a wonderful private indoor/outdoor space. Best of all is the “Fonzy Flat” studio apartment over the garage. Our daughter has her own space but she is still close!

A wonderful livable house.

With heartfelt thanks

Marty and Lou

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